We offers inkjet code marking solutions according to different industries to meet different needs of customers.

Our goal is simple: to sell the best machines at the best price, and provide better customer service. We do our best to know each customer and discover the most valuable part of our business to help customers. 



Goldensea Group was established in the year of 1991 and has been rapidly developing into one of the best fasteners manufacturer in China over the years.

Main products are including: screws, nails, blind rivets, washers and etc.

Our factory located in Tianjin China which nearby the Tianjin port and covered an area of 6000 square meters.

Our factory introduce advanced production technology from Taiwan Province, experienced engineer, skilled worker, professional production line.

1000 tons per month to make sure the delivery time. Customers come from all over the world and multi lingual service we can provide.






Reliable Quality

The products' quality has been tested by the market. All the products shown to you have sales record in the North America. And If it’s a new type, we’ll assess the technical feasibility and provide samples first to make sure it meets your requirements.

Competitive Price

We have the best experience in this area, with continually optimized sourcing, production, and testing procedure, we’ve achieved a competitive cost controlling system, and the price we could offer wouldn’t disappoint you.

Excellent customer service

Our export department will be in charge of customer service, you could not only have a direct and quick response from us if there's any question about products but also track the process of planning, production, QC, shipment in different stages.




China's strategic focus on strengthening self-sufficiency while deepening opening-up will cement it......